Legal Services


If you and your spouse agree on divorce terms, we can take the steps to draft your divorce papers up.

If two parents agree on a time-sharing schedule, we can draft a Parenting Plan to legally establish your terms.


Need to change a name on your birth certificate, Social Security card, passport, or other form of ID? We can prepare Name Change documents for you.

We can draft up a Petition to Determine Paternity to establish the paternity of a child for visitation rights, parenting plans, and child support purposes.


If you need to request child support from a willing parent, we can draft Child Support Guidelines to establish payment amount and frequency based on their income.

Our talented team includes certified family mediators! Let our lawyers help you through your divorce or child custody arrangements.


Business Law Documents

Business Registration

We can help you incorporate your business by preparing Articles of Incorporation and other business documents.


If you and another party need to form a general partnership, we can draft up simple Partnership Registrations Agreements.

Non-Compete Agreements

Want to ensure another business doesn’t become your competitor? Once all parties agree on the terms, we can prepare Non-Compete forms.